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Can I evict my tenant for non-payment of rent?


Yes, you can indeed evict your tenants for non-payment of rent as this represents a breach of the terms laid out in the tenancy agreement.

If 21 days have passed since your tenant failed to make a payment and they still have not made any payment towards the overdue rent, you should send a letter to the tenant advising them that you will reclaim your property if rent payment is not received. If they also miss the next month's payment, they will be 2 months in arrears.

One your tenant is officially 2 month's in arrears, the Housing Act 1988 gives you the right to take legal action to evict the tenant and reclaim possession of your property. In this situation you would typically serve a Section 8 Notice as this type of eviction notice is used when the tenant has breached one or more of the terms laid out in the tenancy agreement (such as non-payment of rent).

Non-payment of rent is one of the most common causes for landlords to seek eviction and our specialists have a wealth of experience in dealing with cases like this. We can help you quickly and efficiently regain possession of your property if your tenant has stopped paying rent. 


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