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Can the landlord advice helpline help with HMO issues?


Yes, of course we can! HMO landlords have to deal with a range of additional regulatory requirements and licensing agreements that can make managing their rental properties even more difficult and complex.

If you need help with any aspect of managing your HMO property, or if you are experiencing serious issues with your tenants and need urgent legal advice, TheHouseShop is just a phone call away. One of our advisors will talk through any issues with you and give you expert advice on what steps you can take and the best way forward.

If you need help with HMO licensing, we will need to know the location of your rental property, as licensing rules vary throughout the country. is a property marketplace that allows agents and individuals to list their homes to let and for sale for free. All landlords are verified to ensure that they own the property they are advertising with us.

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