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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Property Online


Don't make the process of selling a property harder for yourself and find out how to avoid making simple mistakes that can impact the final property price and length of time it will take to sell. 


  • Setting the Price Too high - you can avoid this by using our Free Online Property Valuation tool to get an accurate price for your property. Buyers are aware of the prices of property and can tell when one is overpriced.


  • Going it Alone Without Experience - if you aren't sure you have the skills to sell your property independently online, then perhaps you should consider using an online estate agent instead. This is a good, cheaper alternative between a traditional high street agent and DIY selling and they can help you avoid making expensive mistakes.


  • Getting Emotional - sellers who remain emotionally attached to their property can find it difficult to convince buyers they actually want to sell to them. This can draw out the process and put potential buyers off, so make sure once the property is on the market you are detached. 


  • Poor Quality or Too Few Photographs - when selling a property online the photographs are the most important feature of your advert. Make sure that they are good quality, high-resolution images and accurately show off your home. Don't forget to also take a photo of the front of the property, as it would be seen from the street. 


  • Not Preparing Your Property - bring the property up to standard, tidy up using storage space and carry out repairs if necessary. If your home is in top condition it will sell a lot quicker as buyers won't be put off by the amount of work that might need to be done.  


  • Failure To Negotiate - by not negotiating on the price of your property increases the risk of a long, drawn out selling process and can result in potentially reducing the price out of desperation later on.  
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