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How can I show off my property?


Private sellers want to have their property on the market for as short a time as possible. By following these tips you can add value to the property and increase its chances of a quick sale.

When advertising a property for sale online, the photographs are the best way to show off your home.

Make sure that you follow these tips in order to take the best pictures possible for your property listing.


  • Declutter - this is an important step and the easiest, tidy up making use of storage space. Try to have as much floor and surface space showing in the photograph as possible, creating a minimal look.


  • Outside & Garden - make sure you also tidy up the garden, patio or outside living areas too. An untidy garden will put off buyers as it will give the impression it is difficult to manage. 


  • Fix Problems  - those small jobs around the property which you have been putting off such as, painting over stains, fixing broken cupboards, changing light bulbs etc. should all be done before you photograph the property.


  •  Investing in New Fittings - You don't have to completely redo a kitchen or bathroom, but by re-painting, investing in a really nice feature or even adding some design elements can bring an out of date room up to speed. 


  • Neutral Colours  - a neutral colour scheme is less likely to put off a potential buyer, so consider painting over any strong coloured areas that might not be to everyone's taste. 


  • Window Treatments - by removing your curtains and replacing them with blinds, allowing light in helps to make the room look bigger and brighter. It also allows buyers to think about making their own stamp on the property. 


  • Lighting - think about investing in lighting fixtures in any dark areas of the property, you can also install mirrors to help make a room seem bigger and lighter. 


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