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Why is it free?


We are an affordable, consumer-friendly website which gives you everything you need to take control of selling or renting your property.

Free Property Advertising
We help you save money when selling or letting your property, whether you’re an estate agent, landlord or homeowner, we have a range of services tailored to your needs. We advertise all of our properties on a network of prominent websites including Facebook Marketplace, putting your listings in front of tens of thousands of buyers and tenants every day.

Why it’s free to place a property advert
We want to have the biggest possible selection of property – that’s why we don’t charge a single penny to advertise your property.

How do we make money?
We offer a host of paid-for optional services and we also male money from third-party advertising on our site. Every property listing brings us more visitors, makes our search more unique and helps us increase our advertising revenue, so it's in our interest to offer free property adverts to all our users.

We are completely different from Rightmove and Zoopla
Homeowners are not allowed to list directly on other major websites such as Rightmove and Zoopla, instead, they MUST go through an estate agent to gain access to these sites. We are proud to be different and offer both professionals and homeowners a place to promote properties. This helps us be unique in the market and creates a great place to search for your next home. is a property marketplace that allows agents and individuals to list their homes to let and for sale for free. All landlords are verified to ensure that they own the property they are advertising with us.


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